Popcorn Coral Springs – Are There Health Benefits to Gourmet Italian Popcorn?

Well…let’s get poppin’!! Our popcorn is not just “regular old popcorn” that’s been sitting on a store shelf for a few days or a few weeks or more.

  1. Our popcorn is Gourmet Italian Popcorn.
  2. We don’t prepare your order until you actually place your order online.
  3. After you place your order online, then we Hot Air Pop our popcorn and add secret, chef selected spices.


There nothing “wrong” with “regular old popcorn”, but there are some very, very important differences between our Gourmet Italian Popcorn and “regular old popcorn”.

Health Benefits

There are simply more health benefits to our Gourmet Italian Popcorn.

The way we prepare our popcorn for you and the ingredients we use are the key to a more healthy treat for you and your family. Our Gourmet Italian Popcorn is…

  • Always Hot Air Popped
  • Never, Ever Oil Popped

Why Is Hot Air Popped Better Than Oil Popped?

  1. Hot Air Popped popcorn is lower in Fat
  2. Hot Air Popped popcorn is lower in Calories

Always Remember: Popcorn is a 100 percent unprocessed whole grain, unlike whole-grain breads or cereals that have been partially processed.

If you have a choice between processed or unprocessed food, usually unprocessed foods are “more healthy”. Feel free to research this on your own online. You’ll find that there’s definitely a difference between processed or unprocessed food!

  • Popping in oil and popcorn toppings can make popcorn “not so healthy”.
  • Take a look at this great little story that explains the “not so healthy” stuff about oil popped popcorn:  Is Air Popped Popcorn Healthy? Yes!
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Health Benefits of Spices as Popcorn Toppings?

Our Gourmet Italian Popcorn is a more healthy option because it also…

  • Contains Chef Selected Spices

What are Spices? Spices are real food. Real ingredients. Nothing fake or artificial or genetically modified (Non-GMO).

What is one of the main health benefits of the spices used in our Gourmet Italian Popcorn?

  • antioxidant

When you have a moment, please feel free to take a look at another great little story that explains the health benefits of a list of many different spices: Health Benefits of Spices

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