Popcorn Coral Springs and Weight Watchers

If you are on a diet, is it ok to eat popcorn? Yes and no. It really depends on…

  • what type of popcorn you eat
  • how much popcorn you eat


What’s America’s Favorite Snack?

Can you guess? We will give you one more guess. Yes, you’re right! It’s popcorn!

If you are not in a movie theater, it’s not easy to get great popcorn.

If you are at home or work, it takes too much time and energy to make your own popcorn.

  • Some workplaces do not let you make popcorn in the company microwave!
  • That’s why we created ItalianPopcornCoralSpringsDelivery.com
  • Our popcorn is very fresh because we pop our popcorn hourly.

What is it that makes some popcorn bad for you?

  1. If your popcorn is popped in oil, there’s a chance that your popcorn may not be as healthy as you think.
  2. If there is lots of butter (real or artificial) on your popcorn,  there’s a chance that your popcorn may not be as healthy as you think.

Here’s One of the Best Popcorns in South Florida

  • Our Gourmet Italian Popcorn is Hot Air Popped and we never, ever use oil to pop our popcorn (never oil popped).
  • We only use olive oil and chef selected spices on our Gourmet Italian Popcorn.
  • It’s better than buttered popcorn with an amazing, savory taste!
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Weight Watchers

There’s a great Weight Watcher’s article that goes into a little bit more detail about the differences between healthy popcorn and not so healthy popcorn.

Click here to check it out –> What’s Poppin? How healthy is your popcorn?

How Much Gourmet Italian Popcorn Do You Get from Us?

  • Our Gourmet Italian Popcorn is delivered to you in a beautiful bag holding one ounce (net weight) of secret recipe Italian popcorn.
  • 1.00 ounce (net wt.) = about 4 cups of popped Italian popcorn

Watch Popcorn Coral Springs – Gourmet Italian Popcorn Delivery Video

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